The Dead Eyed Man Who Kicks Down My Door

Good morning! Happy Wednesday! Just opened the curtains, how else will I see that beautiful sunrise? My day is ordinary, but I look forward to it. My PTSD is at a minimum I think my nightmares were scarce. I’m very happy about that. It’s not too often I go through a night without them.

This is one I have on a regular basis. The man with the cold eyes is at my door. I tell my child to run & hide, he does. He’s in the laundry hamper, peeking out. The man kicks down my door with no effort, his eyes are cold & dead. Before I can run he shoots me. I can feel the impact, my blood oozing as I fall to the ground. I lay dying, in pain and in shock, looking into my child’s eyes. Then I wake, and not very happy.

Today I’m working on the last 5 chapters of Genavine’s Faith, then doing a bit of writing. I’ll be working on Rise of the Scorpions Blood, chapter 6 and then Shut Your Eyes. My pen is calling, can’t leave it waiting. XOXOX


Lift your eyes

Notice what’s there

You are not alone

It follows your path

Your breath it steals

It gnaws on human bones

It shadows the darkness

Engulfing the light

It walks within your steps

one after the other

Until the fire sets

Its soul burns

It ignites the earth

Tearing the heavens from the sky

It steal the moon

A locks up the stars

To even out the fight

It’s quick on its feet

It will race throughout the night

Can you love it

Will you love it

Embrace the soul you fight.

If you go deep into the Saffron jungle, past the lush, you will enter a dark zone.

One filled with secrets. If raised, they’ll peel the flesh surrounding your naked soul. If you live, the treasure’s yours, but do you dare go where no one has survived?

Jupiter Rose

Have a beautiful day. ❤

Unknown artist

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