Just Me God

Good morning! Sorry I’m late today.

Happy Monday (hears groans in background) Is there really enough coffee in the world to deal with Mondays? (((NO)))

I had quite the issue getting up this morning, to be truthful I didn’t feel well so I slept in. I think my body needed it. I have had a few issues with eating since the surgery, can’t eat much or much of a variety. I was hungry and ate a little more than I have been and ended up in a lot of pain. ((IK it sucks))

A bit of humour for a Monday.

When your MC is in control.

Me: Not right now!

Genavine: What do you mean? It’s morning!

Me: Growls, you don’t get a say.

Genavine: You’ve got me walking through hell. I get a say!

Me: Fine take my coffee. Picks up a pen. Genavine falls on her face. Takes the coffee back.


Todays poem is about the strength in ones heart when trailing through life.


I run this Earth

Chasing my dreams

I get lost

Yet that doesn’t stop me

I am determined and fierce

The shadows crowd my thoughts

The darkness walks by my side

Yet I race the light

Toward the sun

I am the power

In each beat my heart takes

I am the pain

My soul aches

My heart hurts

Cause love is always wrong

But I chase it

Like a butterfly

I flutter through the day

Jumping into the night

Shifting to my wolf

Where I run beneath the moon

My feet pounding

Outrunning the nightmares

That hold me down

Strangling my thoughts

Drowning me in an ocean of tears

I am just a girl

Who sees life through different eyes

I see the fire that burns desire

I see the truth that takes lies

I am the one who will never give up

Even when death threatens my very breath

I’m just me God

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