When I Shut My Eyes

Good morning! Today is going to be a great day, the sun isn’t up yet: however, the moon is bright and beautiful. I have yet to hear the birds sing since the heatwave, perhaps they moved on to a different area.

I’m thinking I will have Genavine’s faith out by the end of the week, fingers crossed! I’m so excited! ❤ My pen is calling. Can’t keep it waiting. XOXOX


I shut my eyes

Take a breath

And whisper your name

I see you

It’s been you and me for years

Yet when the sun rises you’re gone

In my dreams you come

I know your name

Your eyes

Your heart

But do you exist

Why do you taunt me in the nights

If you’re not real

We dance beneath the light of the moon

You take my heart and whisper words of love

I see you for you

Yet we walk in two invisible worlds

Separately yet together

Many nights we spoke of things in life

I remember but they seem so far

I can still hear your voice when I listen

In the night sky

The stars sing our song of love

It echoes in my mind

Why come to me in a dream

If you’re only going to vanish beneath the sun’s light.

Have a beautiful day.

Art is by Artesanato Passo a Passo

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