An Echo Of Goodbye

A sweet, good morning to you all! Happy Wednesday!



Each and everyday

I see you

We were one

Until we were not

Now your gone

I miss you

I search for you

Down this lonely trail

We danced many nights

Beneath the flashing stars

Twirling in the moon’s bright light

You knew my secrets

You felt my heartbeat

We walked this Earth with confidence at our side

Now your gone

I’m lost

I can’t think

I don’t know who I am

The shadows are empty

The sun doesn’t shine on me

I can’t think since you left

I try

And I know I should

Yet my insides shiver and shake

To find you I must look inside

For I am who’s missing

It’s I that can’t see

I climb, then I fall

Wondering if I ever knew myself at all.

Art by Nicole Altenhoff (Mohn-blume in Deviantart)

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