Walking while rhyming your name

I whisper it in my head over and over

Until it’s all I can thing about

I see fire

I see blood

I am lust and desire

Wrapped up in one big red ribbon

I am dark

But my mind travels the light

I can see a candy rainbow

It’s covered in dark roses

With thorns the size of fingernails

I can hear singing

It echoes in my dark mind

Happy thoughts

Twirling around

Spinning like a top

Flying like a bird

I am not crazy

Nor am I sane

I just want to play my friend

Won’t you stay

I can run faster then lightning in a storm

I can chase the monsters

That haunt you in the night

I can watch over you

If you like

Maybe I am the monster

Maybe I’m too dark

I am the storm

That races through the night

I am fear

I haunt you

I watch you

I am beneath your bed

I choke on my words

As I whisper to you over and over

While rhyming your name

Unknown artist

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