One Dark One Light

Good morning! Happy Thursday! Today I’m writing undisturbed. Got the coffee on and my phone off the hook. My pen is calling. Somedays it is bountiful and you have to go with the flow. I hope you have a beautiful day. XOXOX


The struggle’s real

When the love’s there

You live with both

The perfect pair

I hear a growl

As I feed the light

I offer the darkness comfort

I offer it my fight

I dance with the light

Taunting the shadows

Lifting my eyes to the moon

Each star is a glitter of hope

As the night holds my dark

Trailing the blackened smoke

With power it holds me

Telling me no

I shake it off

I say it isn’t so

Tonight I feed you both

I give you my heart

My soul will twist

Among the golden stars

Climbing them like stepping stones to heaven

Where my darkness will meet my light

There, they will become one

Art by lora-zombie on DeviantArt

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