Ride That Dark Horse Into The Light

Good morning! Happy Friday! Doesn’t it always seem like it’s Friday? Today, I’m recovering from an allergy attack. Rest and writing, with a lot of coffee on the side.

I wish you a blessed day & may all you do be successful. Life is beautiful.

And if I haven’t told you today… you rock!!


My MC loves me

Genavine: Why are you so lazy? I’ve been waiting for days.

Me: Not now, Gena. I need coffee.

Genavine: Just tell me where I’m going. I’ll do it myself.

Me: **growls** picks up pen & writes. A vicious storm brews. Gena goes back to bed. Me: Smiles & gets coffee.

J Rose


The dark horse rises

Its broken spirit

Runs the Earth

Its chiselled bones

Considered the jewels of the night

Risen from hell

Carrying the flames of the tortured souls

Only to walk the stone trail

Through the golden stars

Beckoning heaven to open its mighty doors

It’s steel skull

Tougher than nails

It’s heart brighter

Than the lit moon

Fire shines through its eyes

Its breath, like brimstone

With power behind each step it takes

Surging towards its goal

Soaring through the skies

Like a rainbow of treasures

In its new world of uncharted land

With concealed truth

It being the key

To the worlds darkest secrets

Have a beautiful day.

Take a second and appreciate this artists work. ❤

Art by Dark Unicorn, Sarah Richter

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