Beautifully Broken

Good morning! Happy Sunday! May all the blessings of the day be yours for the taking.

Much love! I am going to write, my pen is calling me. (You know I can’t resist the pen) XOXOX


I’m here

I walk the light

I walk the dark

I speak the truth

Am I heard

I may be invisible

But I shine in the shadows

You call hope

I bleed red

Like you

I breathe this air

I race this earth

I care

I have scars deeper than the ocean

I carry bags that weigh two tons

I climb each mountain carrying them

Refusing to drop a single one

I reach for you

I call you friend

Can you see me

I won’t let you fall

I carry your pain

In my heart

And though it’s broken

There’s room for you

I trail the light

Will you walk with me

Or do my shady thoughts scare you

Have a beautiful day.

Art by Requiem by Lady-Symphonia on DeviantArt

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