Love Is The Cure To Most Of Life’s Woes

Good morning! Happy Tuesday! The sun is rising and the sky is clear, let’s hope it stays that way though this part of the world needs rain.

Today I’m doing stage two in the release of Genavine’s Faith. It’s going well and the book looks fantastic. My pen’s calling and I am running towards it with a giant smile. I’ll leave you with a #Tuesdaythought and a poem. XOXOX

If I could see from the eyes of a bird, I would travel the world afar. I would race to the highest part of the land and live in the wild. Imagine the freedom they feel. Wouldn’t it be nice?



Have you ever thought about magic

And how it’s the centre of this universe

There are no answers

No stepping stones to the bold truth

Just a mystical existance

In this world of wonder

When you look around what do you see?

Swirling colours

A light brighter than the sun

Can you see the love that holds this world together?

It’s colourful, like love should be

As love is not just black and white

It is what you make it

It’s beautiful

And free

I know some are afraid to love, for the pain can be unbearable

But it is more horrific to never have loved or be loved at all.

Give love

Be love

And shine for others

So that no one is lost in the dark.

Have a beautiful day.

Artist unknown

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