Let Them Fly

Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday!

It’s a wonderful day. I’m up before the sunrise and that’s fantastic. I dislike rising late, it always feels like half my day’s gone. Today I’m starting stage 3 in the release of Genavine’s Faith. So excited! It won’t be long now. I really miss writing. I have been so busy editing, and formatting. On top of it all I’ve been sick.

Okay, my mom always taught me if you have nothing to say don’t say anything. Well, I am more of a story teller and a poet. I’ll always have something to say within my words. In it you’ll see my emotions, my thoughts in life and my view of the world. My pen is calling. I hate keeping it waiting. XOXOX


Trapped in her own mind

Unable to soar

Missing the azure

Where she was always felt like more

It was her and freedom

Singing beneath the heavens

Diving in and out of the soft clouds

Drifting over the calm, cool earth

Open up

Let me free

Let me fly

For being trapped is killing me

I need to escape

This dark grey

I need to ride that crazy train

I want to be in the sky… high

Like I’m climbing a mountain

Ready to dive

I need to fly like a bird

Be free like the wind

And shine like the sun on a hot summer day

I want to run

My feet pounding against the earth

With wings… golden

And flames reaching for the heavens

I can rise

I can fly

I am a wolf with wings

I am a wolf with love

Don’t keep me locked up

I’ll die

Have a beautiful day.

Art is not my own (Can’t quite read the name on the image)

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