Cry For Us

Good morning! Happy Friday. ❤

Pain’s real, whether it’s physical or emotional. It doesn’t choose a race, a gender, an age or whether someone can handle it or not. It just is! Be there for others, share your love. Care, listen and take a hand. We all matter! You matter to me. #Kindness is free, give it away like it’s your last day on earth; for tomorrow doesn’t exist.


What do you do when there’s no time left?

I open my eyes

And your gone

My heart ceases

Time stops

All I hear is the ticking of the clock

I scream

But it’s silent

I tear at the walls

But they’re made of steal

Tears fall

Flooding my world

I drift in a boat

Made of paper

I sink to the bottom of the sea

And drown in sorrow

My tears are for you

My agony for me

My power has vanished

Is it gone?

I swim toward the light

Taking a breath

Gripping hope by the threads

That dangle from the heavens

I swing from the stars

Tasting reality

Searching for faith

While reaching for tomorrow

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist

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