Soaring Through The Rain

Good morning! Happy Saturday! Super late today. It’s nice out. Do you realize it’s been months since I heard the birds sing? I have heard the crickets, though.

Do you enjoy music? My #inspiration today. YouTube link

ED Sheeran

((Dances around the house prepping to write))

My pen is calling this girl is excited to write. XOXOXOX


I’m here

Can you see me?

I am one with the earth

Dancing in the rain

Soaring through the clouds

Finding the night among the days

Yet here I am

Kissing time like it’s saying goodbye

While running the trails

Hunting love

Saving hearts

That lay broken among the growing weeds

Lifting them to the heavens

Where they gather their strength

We run together

Cause we are stronger as one

Our feet pounding the paths

With power in every step

We take a breath

Holding on to hope

Chasing destiny

Hopping through time

Forcing it to take a breath and join us

Instead of racing toward the end

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist

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