The Monster Within

Good morning! Happy Sunday!

I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing day.

I’ll be writing all day.


I wake in the dark

My shadows surround me

There is no light

Other than the stars

That shine in the night

I am not alone

There is a darkness inside

I can feel her growing

Becoming part of me

Gnawing at my soul

Waiting to escape

I keep her trapped

Way down deep

For who knows the trouble she will cause

If she ever gets free

She curses

And bites

At every emotion

Strangling my words

Before they leave my lips.

She is sassy and dark

Stripping me of my light

Pulling me into her blackened ways

Telling me sweet lies

Painting me a dark rainbow

Singing me a fantasy

That doesn’t exist

As we dance through the night

Beneath the sky full of stars.

Have a beautiful day.

Art and picture quote by As Lost As Alice on Twitter

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