Walk With Me Darling

Good morning! Happy Monday!

I have paperwork to do today, not so fun. I hope to get some writing in later today.


I want a love

That will love me forever

He’d take my hand

And we’d ride life’s waves

No matter what it brings our way

I want a love that has a smile

That lights my heart on fire

One so hot it singes my soul

I want a man with a love so strong

He’d walk through Hell with me

If Heaven won’t let me in

And when I’m sad

He’d capture the stars

Placing them in my eyes

Just so I can shine

And when my heart is heavy

He’d lasso the moon

To show me light still exists in the dark

But most of all

I want a love where I’d be willing to do the same

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist

2 thoughts on “Walk With Me Darling

  1. Dear Jupiter Rose, I loved the poetry and a poem for you.
    “My darling, my sweetheart, my love.
    Beautiful Jupiter Rose,
    I need to be in your eyes forever and
    my fingers need to interlace with the softness of your tender fingers.
    You are my endless sea that make me believe,
    love can be forever and so kind.
    My darling, my sweetheart, my love.
    I shall love you till you don’t love me no-more.”

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