Shelter Me From My Storm

Good morning! Happy Tuesday!

Today is such a busy day. I woke late and have a million little things that need to be done. Thank goodness, it’s beautiful out and I can enjoy the day while completing my to-do list.

Hopefully, I will get to write this evening.


Be my shelter from the storm

Keep me dry when it rains

Hold me close when tears fall

On those sleepless nights

In my soul

I am weightless 

Floating among the sea of clouds

The lies that seeped from his lips

Holding me down

Secrets rising from the dark

Gnawing at my soul

I am haunted

By him

His touch

And his memory

He is my enemy

He hunts me like I’m the prey

I won’t run

I won’t hide

I will stand and fight him

Because I am strong

I will walk this path

My head held high

My tears may fall 

But with you by my side 

I am not alone

Have a beautiful day.

Art by Numenera Art (Imgur)

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