Can You Hear Me, God?

Good morning! Happy Wednesday!

Today’s a lovely day. I woke early. Got my social media done and now I get to write.

Today’s poem is about the struggle in life.


Here I am

By myself

My heart is light

My soul dark

Can you hear me, God?

When I fall to my knees

Praying to you each day

Do you still listen?

When darkness talks

Do you hear my heartbeat?

As it bleeds to be free

I was born into darkness

Yet I soar through the days

Searching for freedom

I am kind

I am love

Yet I’m the monster under the bed

I walk in the light

Creating shadows

I yell to the heavens

Words of love

The skies open

Rain falls

I drown in my efforts

I am lost

I wonder aimlessly

Then at night

I crawl back beneath the bed

Have a beautiful day.

Art by Jacqueline Griffith

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