My Dark Your Light

Good morning! Happy Thursday!

Today I’m up to my neck in paperwork. It’s going to be a long day but once I’m done I get to write.

This poem is about recovering from tragedy and how the victim usually blames themselves and some even see themselves as the dark side of life afterward.


What do you do when you love something you shouldn’t?

I walk through the days

Drinking the light

Like it’s toxic love

It’s ecstasy

It’s beauty

Covering my dark like a painting

As you light my world

My shadows come alive

They breathe

Living once again

In a world that cast them away

I run through the night

Enjoying my freedom

My thoughts of you are dark

Yet my heart beats for you

Your name slips from my lips

Creating a warmth in my soul

It’s not fire

It’s something else

It’s joy


It’s love

I explode in rage

Realizing that it could never last

For how could someone, so pure

Love something, so dark

I fall to my knees

Dying, a little with each breath

Thinking of you

Have a beautiful day.

Art by Mariapicoli

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