Amazingly Beautiful

Good morning! Happy Saturday! Today is a beautiful day. I’m up late…however, my body was exhausted. I had to giggle last night. What I call late is someone else’s extremely early Right now it’s 6 AM. I love the hour of 3 AM. I feel alive at that time like anything is possible. I guess I never lost that feeling as a child. It’s funny how some things stick with us.

It’s time to get the sequels out. That’s my goal. This girl hears the pen calling. I hate to leave it waiting. XOXOX


My eyes are open

I see you

I see me

I see my light

My dark

And the hands that hold my soul down

Drowning it

Stealing its breath

Clueless they are

For I hold a dark rainbow in my soul

It will never die

I see colours that aren’t born

And the beauty that hides in the shadows

For light is dark

They are one

I see love

As it swirls through the sky

Haunting each star

Dropping them into the eyes of lovers everywhere

Blowing kisses in the wind

For the lost

hoping they find their way

I see the trail of the moon as I race by

Chasing my dreams

My dreams are fast

But I pound the ground with power

And never give up

For hope exists even in this darkened heart

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist

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