I Can Soar On My Own

Good morning! Happy Sunday!

Today is wonderful. Take off your shoes and kick back. It’s time to relax. I’m writing like I usually do. I have 6 books on the go. I can’t do a chapter from each daily but I try to work on each as much as I can. So far they are moving along wonderfully.

Today’s poem is about love. It’s great to find the love of your life, but you need to be happy with who you are and find that love within before it will work.


Take a step

Hold my hand

Walk with me beneath the moon

We are one

Can you feel it?

Energy seeps through our veins

Connecting us

Growing like a vine

Wrapping itself around our souls

Grasping our reality

I am one

If you join me

Our energy will combine

If you don’t

I won’t break

For I take each step

Stronger than the one before

Each breath

Gathering strength

I don’t need you

I want you

I can fly on my own

Soaring through the days

Wings of fire

Bursting into the night

Running like wolf

My soul growling

For it is power

It is hungry

It is complete

I am the love you search for

I am the passion you seek

I am okay without our love

Yet I choose you

Have a beautiful day.

Art & Quote on Picture By Muses From A Mystic

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