I Am Faith

Good morning! Happy Monday! Today’s going to be a beautiful day. It’s my first doctor’s appointment. They’re trying to figure out what’s happening to my stomach and why I’m so sick. Wish me luck!


I am here

I walk this earth

But do I belong?


I don’t

I breathe this air… but it’s not mine

I climb the stairs

One by one

I sit upon the moon

I drift to sleep

Thinking …

How much of this life is true?

I am here

I am one

I am part of this world

I am chosen

But for what?

I breathe this air… it’s mine

I share it with those I love

I’m wild

I run the paths

A click at my heels

I am fast like a stallion

I’m power

I’m mighty

But I am no one

I’m a dreamer

Who sees this world through painted eyes

With hope that dangles from each bright star

I am fire

I ignite the hearts of people

Searching for light

I pray they find it…

I hear you call my name

I love how it seeps from your lips

What is it?

Who am I?


Have a beautiful day.

Art by Jeff Delierre

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