Dancing With The Devil

Good morning! Happy Tuesday! Let me start off by saying this artist is…wow! I always try to find the artist’s name and put it in the caption. So if interested you will find it there, but only on the days, I’m able to find it not everyone signs their work.

Today is a sick day for me. The doctor found a sever infection they are unsure where it came from but gave me antibiotics. I don’t react well to medication. I usually end up very sick. So it’s a blanket, tea and writing kind of day though I have promised myself that if I choose not to write not to get down on myself. I have to remember to be kind ot myself.


You’re long gone

Yet always on my mind

I thought of you day and night

Do you remember

I see you when I shut my eyes

We used to dance beneath the moon

I felt your warm breath

And soft hands touch my flesh

Except now

Things have changed

I don’t shut my eyes

For death stares back

It’s hand are cold

And it’s breath stinks of whiskey

Dancing has become a nightmare

For the dead attempt to drag me to Hell

Your words are like daggars

Thrusting deep into my chest

Where my heart used to lay

I can hear it beat

It’s much like a ticking clock

But it’s gone…

Missing like the memories I used to hold

The Earth has become grey

I am a walking nightmare

Happiness is something that used to be

Now it’s the padding between my feet and the earth

Something to soften the blow

My love has grown cold

For how could one love without a heart

When I gave it to you

I was innocent

Now the devil owns it

And I am left dancing in the dark

With the man who crushed my soul

The man I call the Devil

Have a beautiful day.

Artist: Until my Last Breath by Jessica Allain.

5 thoughts on “Dancing With The Devil

  1. I am allergic to most antibiotics. I break out in a full body rash. There’s one I can take but it gives me stomach spasms. Sometimes I wonder if the side effects are worth it. Hope you get better real soon.

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