A Love Darker Than The Shadows

Good morning! Happy Wednesday!


I walk the line

I am neither light nor dark

I see everything

I am the girl

Who will haunt your mind

Taunt your soul

Your mother warned you about me


If you let yourself fall

I will carry your heart

Protecting it from all Hell has to offer

I will paint your soul

With a colourful love

We will run the earth together

The pounding of our feet

Will match the beat within our hearts

We will become one

Together we will trail this world

Hunting for others like ourselves

Our love will become our destiny

Our story will become history

Written among the gold trail of stars

Have a beautiful day.

Image by TattoosBoyGirl

5 thoughts on “A Love Darker Than The Shadows

  1. A wonderful poem dear Jupiter Rose. A pome for you.
    “I asked her, are you angel or devil?
    She smile and she told me. Maybe both.
    I asked her. Do you want to dance with me with the half-moon above?
    We can make promises, we cannot keep.
    She laughed at the coyote words and the raven whispered.
    If you dance with the devil, she always leads.”

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