Two Sides

Good morning! Happy Thursday!

Let me start off by saying this artist is amazing. If the artist’s name is available, I always place it below the art. A beautiful picture of wolves. It has a lot to do with today’s poem.


One heart

One soul

yet …they’re two

They run this earth together

Creating chaos with each step

Destined for greatness

Lost among the stars…yet

They are close

but with each breath, they linger in distance

Neither he moon

Nor the sun

Can capture the brightness

That hides behind the shadows

The love they hold

Is larger than life

Yet they never share it

Each tear shed

Is a moment away

Without each other

The light will fade

Darkness will walk this earth


Destroying everything in its path

It will never stop searching

But without love

That one soul

Will sit alone in the dark

Have a beautiful day.

Art by Wolf king by Muns11 on DeviantArt

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