My Grey

Good morning! Happy Friday!


There was a time

When the grey controlled me

I was happy

But I was its slave

I travelled the yellow line

City to city

Town to town

Never looking away

My love for the grey was strong

I’d never stray

I ran day and night


But for what?


Does it exist?

The skies rained fire

It fell upon my head

I felt the burn

But I kept going

Hands rose from beneath the earth

Grabbing at my feet

As I rushed through this busy world

I realized I was never alone

Yet… my company was never alive

Now, I’m the walking dead

I live without my grey

Do I exist

Am I breathing

I do live

Yet, I’m invisible

I’m not breathing my own air

I’m living on borrowed time

Will they take it away?

It isn’t mine

Will my heart ever beat again

As I walk this earth

With the grey at my heels

Have a beautiful day.

Art by Ghsmirnov

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