It Used To Be You

Good morning! Happy Saturday!

I finally feel like I’m back to writing. Since the surgery, I haven’t felt like myself. I have still been sick, and the doctors really aren’t doing much. It’s okay I’ll figure out why I’m sick. I might need to go back to Georgia to do that. It’s a small country with fewer resources, but the doctors take their jobs seriously.

Today’s poem is about getting over past loves and being able to find yourself among the mess. Time to write. My pen is calling. XOXOX


In a broken world

I rose from the dark

Only to shine

Now I walk this Earth

Day by day

Chin up

Racing time

I have cried many tears for you

I have screamed to the mighty mountains

I swam with the sharks

They tore at my flesh

Leaving me empty and alone

Now, without you

I run this earth

My wolf and I

We are one

Together we pound the earth

Beneath our feet

Waking up Hell

Warning them of our presence

At night below the brightly lit moon

The aching anticipation begins

I howl

Inviting his touch

So that he may unlock the unchained wild

Of my inner wolf

I allow him to release his beast

He is grand

We dance with uneven breath

Growling at the shadows that tempt us

Our hearts floating in the sky

As we rise

Jumping star to star

Forgetting you existed.

Have a beautiful day.


6 thoughts on “It Used To Be You

  1. Someday you must visit my Ojibwa land. 180 acres of free land where the wolves and the bear live and they control. I was offered money for and I promised my dear Ojibwa grandmother. The land would never be government owned dear Jupiter Rose. The wolves are very large. My land is in Upper Michigan. Few people and the freedom of the animals of the forest is still possible.

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      1. The great lakes keep her snowed in for five months. But the land. Beautiful. You would create some great books in Upper Michigan. Peaceful, kind people and the free-forest is surrounding you. You could befriend the wolves dear Jupiter Rose.

        Liked by 1 person

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