I Can Taste The Freedom

Good morning! Happy Sunday!

What a beautiful day. (Yes, I’m late) Today I’m writing. I have a to I want to accomplish. Wish me luck. My pen is screaming at me this morning. I left it waiting too long. XOXOX


I’m complicated

What can I say

I’m a little of everything

A strength

A will

A way

I am part sun

Part moon

And part earth

I race these land

Because my heart burns

It whispers freedom

The one thing I search for but never find

I have power in my soul

I can taste it

But its reach is too far

Yet I never give up…

I know I’ll reach it



I’m not sure

I will have the freedom

In the palm of my hands

It will be beautiful

And though I slide down my dark rainbow

And soar in sorrow

I will rise and shine

I am the shadows attached to light

I am never far from my dreams

My heart is there

My soul swirling in escasy

As I travel this unknown path

Toward what’s mine

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist (free on Zedge)

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