We Are Stronger Together

Good morning! Happy Monday!

Today’s art is by Zedge. I love it the whole idea of a dark work grabs my heart and runs with it. What do you think of wolves?

Today I’m working on my books I want to have the next set out by December or January, depending on how many I choose to release at once. My pen is calling. I am haunted by its call. I pray it never stops. XOXOXOX


The days come

I wake and watch the sunrise

I drink my coffee

And I walk through my day

It’s ordinary


Even a tad fantastic

Then it happens

I pick up my laptop

Open it

And the world rises

My eyes widen as I step inside that world

I am what I want to be

Free… like an eagle soaring through the azure

I am powerful

Climbing each mountain as it’s thrown my way

I can see the rainbows painted for each soul

As they join me on this grand adventure

I pick up my pen, and I soak each word deep within my soul

Taunting you with a fantasy from Hell

I am a wolf

I am a hunter

I will take you beneath the moon and make you mine

For we are one flame

Rising together

Have a beautiful day.

Art by Zedge

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