I Walk On Borrowed Time

Good morning! Happy Tuesday!

I just wanted to say a quick hello. Got a story in my head this morning, and I want to get it out on paper. XOXOXOX



I burn

In desire

It’s strong like a diamond

Untouchable and far away

I’m like ashes in the wind

From the fire in the sky

I walk this earth

Embers beneath my feet

My soul

High in the azure

My heart

Six feet under

I am and always will be


But do I have a destiny

Will I walk alone

I am like death in the hand

Each breath could be my last

I take each one carelessly

Challenging time



Spiralling out of control

I can taste life

On the tip of my tongue

It’s sweet



And hot

So hot it singes my feet

As I walk its dusty trails

On borrowed time

Have a beautiful day.

Art by Fire Elemental by DrawingNightmare on DeviantArt

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