I The Dark Am Yours

Good morning! Happy Wednesday!

Today is going to be a beautiful day. Coffee, writing, what more can a girl ask for?


I the dark

Will walk by your side

Creating shadows where you step

Within those shadows, there is love

I’ll hold your hand if you get scared

In my chest, there’s a beating heart

It beats for you

It’s not filled with light

Nor is it perfect

Monsters crawl from beneath my bed

I call them friends!

I will protect you

I’ll stay by your side

And remind you that I love you

Giving you my entire world

I will hunt for you

Even if it’s the moon you seek

Star by star, I will hop

Searching for everything you want

I am your love

But can you love the dark?

This is what I am

This is what I offer

I will dance with you

Beneath the spotlight in the night

Each star will envy your touch

I will cry with you in the pouring rain

You will never be alone

In my arms, you can lay for hours

Counting the stars, one by one

I will promise you my heart

My love

My passion

And my forever

Once again… can you ever love the dark?

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist

9 thoughts on “I The Dark Am Yours

      1. Hard to find soulmates. Once in the Army. Me and two male soldiers , one female. We would wander from San Diego to Washington state every weekend for three years. We free-climbed every near mountain and we suicide boarded the Winter storms of the Pacific. Next year, I visit the land. I will try to the land safe. Give to the tribes, maybe dear Jupiter Rose?

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      2. I agree. But I fear the government. Trump changed a old law. Native American isn’t safe no-more. The Ojibwa tribe. Not real friendly. I learn to appreciate my heritage from the Apaches in Texas. The Apache were kind. Love to talk, drink and celebrate life dear Jupiter Rose.

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