A Tree Versus A Fox

Good morning! Happy Thursday!

I was looking at this write-up yesterday about a product called Mud Water. It’s an energy alternative for coffee. People are swearing by it. Have you ever heard of it? If so, have you tried it?

Time to write. My pen is calling. XOXOXOX


“When you think of a tree
Do you ever think of a fox?
One is green, the other is orange
One walks, the other stands
But they are alike
If you give it some thought
A fox’s tail waves in the wind
Some like the leaves of a tree
Tree’s leaves turn orange in the fall
A fox’s fur falls like a leaf
When it sheds
A fox’s home is in a den
Usually, beneath a tree’s root
The roots go down deep into the earth
The earth gives life to the tree
The tree protects the fox
When you think of a fox
Do you ever think of a tree?”

Excerpt From
N. B Nicholas

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist

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