The Wolf And The Butterfly

Good morning! Happy Friday!

Today’s going to be a beautiful day. I’m in the mood to write. I’m up to chapter 14 in Genavine’s Hell (book 2) I try to complete one chapter in that book daily, if possible. Then I work on my other WIP. My pen is calling. XOXOXOX


I am…

And always will be


To run this earth

As a wolf

Hunting my every thought

And yet I soar through the sky

I am a butterfly

Drifting in the wind

Fluttering in the souls of the innocent

I the dark

Swirl beneath the clouds

Once carrying a heart of the pure

With tears that fell like pearls

Sinking deep into the sea

I rose

I ran

I survived

I did not fall into his arms

Which made the devil angry

I drifted, carrying my innocents

Which held a stench of death

I carried it with me so he couldn’t have it

Spiralling into Hell

The flames singed my heart

My love got damaged

Yet it still exists

Somewhere deep

I am a wolf

I am a butterfly

My soul is torn

Split in two

I run

Then soar

For freedom has been chosen

I will never be held down

Have a beautiful day.

Beautiful art by an unknown artist

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