It’s Me Again God

Good morning! Happy Saturday!

I’m here and awake. My PTSD keeps creeping back. I get up, I fight it, and I keep going. All I can do is be strong.


I wake

I breathe

Yet it’s not that simple

Each day

I step into the darkness

As my eyes open

My nightmares wait for me to come alive

I panic

Trying to take a breath

But it strangles me

I speak to God

Yet I wonder if he listens

I am here alone

Dying each day

My heart throbbing

As my darkness drowns me in love

I try to run

But my feet won’t leave the ground

I scream for God

But silence echoes

My soul is locked away

In a crate beneath the sea

Where my tears swarm my heart

Whispering you’ll never be free

I hiss

I snarl

My beast begs to be free

She’s my safety

She will carry me to the light

Then sit in the shadows and wait for me to heal

Somedays she is my only friend

She holds me tight

Burning from the light

I see her tears, and she gives me everything

She ever wanted to be

Art by KristofDeSaeger on DeviantArt

8 thoughts on “It’s Me Again God

      1. Almost done with. I worked my last night on Sunday. I am resting-up. I am enjoying the book. I liked the struggle of surviving six months and the characters trying to understand. I will start reading on Wednesday. I must make copies of one year of story and poetry today and tomorrow. My goal, get organized. I have 20 stories done and four needing a closure. 2500 poems needing editing. I will be busy for a long time. I will to be like you. A published writer dear Jupiter Rose.

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