My Wolf and I

Good morning! Happy Sunday!

I woke early; the harvest moon still filled the sky. It was lovely.


My wolf and I walk this earth together

Hand in hand

She is the strength within this soul

She is my power

We are one

My pain

My sorrow

My hardship

She ingests

Carrying my darkness

Inside her soul

We pound at the earth

Searching for what we lost

Celebrating each moment as a win

We dance beneath the harvest moon

Naked and exposed

Truth is all we wear

For what else do you offer the Gods

All you are

And all you seek to be…

Climbing each star like a stepping stone

Searching for answers

To questions gnawing at your heart

Passing out love… like it’s candy

Sweet tasty love

Nibbling at your passion

Yet luring you toward darkness

Light guides you

But it’s the shadows that teach you

For my wolf and I

The darkness is our friend

And the light is our path

Have a beautiful day.

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