I Can Feel The Sun Smile

Good morning! Happy Monday!

A new week is here. Another opportunity to chase our dreams. I believe in chasing what we want. No one will hand us them on a silver platter if you want something you need to work for it.

A bit of humour for you.

Author VS MC

Me: What do you do when I sleep?

Gena: I plan battles.

Me: Wait! What battles?

Gena: You’ll see…**pats gun**

Me: Ugh, Gena what are you up to now

Gena: Marcus and I just finished watching Bonnie and Clyde.

Me: **groans** I don’t write crime books

Gena laughs: Yet

I love writing about Genavine.



I’m the girl next door

The one that makes you smile

My heart is torn

But you will never see that

I am an angel

With a devil in my soul

I am a winner

Yet I’m always alone

I am a go-getter

Who will always try

I would walk forever to make you smile

I am here

By your side

I am your rock

Will you be mine?

I am…

A soldier on the brink of war

My heart is dying

My soul is reborn

I race time

Praying for more

For now that I am free

I want to live

I choose love

I choose life

I can feel the sun smile

As it saturates the land

In light

I want to race

From star to star

Talking to the moon

For he holds my secrets

One’s dark and true

Many nights

When I was by myself

He was my shadow in the night

He held my soul

Keeping me from drowning

And vanishing from sight

Have a beautiful day.

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