Singing Birds Vanished

Good morning! Happy Wednesday!

I don’t know if you remember back to the first heatwave we had this year, back when the birds sang first thing in the morning. They haven’t been outside my window since. Weird right? (It’s been 3 months)

I get up every morning thinking I missed them, but I haven’t…they moved. So sad, they will never know how happy they made me. (Some might not understand this, but waking up is hard for me, my #PTSD leaves me feeling like I’m barely gripping life. I’m fine once I get past that point.) I’ve been trying to find another reason to get out of bed in the morning. I haven’t found one yet. It’s easier when my family is around. Life is better.

Have a beautiful day.


I wake each day

My heart beats

With a rhythm of happiness

Then it strikes

Like a bomb

Exploding within

A battle

Between life and death

Swirling in the pit of my gut

Gnawing at me

Creating uncertainty and rage

Climbing my spine

Its nails tearing at my flesh

As it creeps throughout my body

Haunting my soul

I fall from Peace of mind

Landing in a graveyard of sorrow

I crawl toward the light

A silent scream

Trapped behind my shivering lips

My heart pounding

Knowing this was it

If I don’t escape

It could be my final breath

I wanted to let you know that my new poetry book was released yesterday.

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