The Wild in Me

Good morning! Happy Thursday!

My Thursday thoughts. #health

Just so you know, I’m not against smokers of any kind. #respect #freedom

The things we take for granted are sometimes deadly for others. I was one of those people at one time. I used to smoke. I quit seven years ago. I tried not to smoke around others, but it was a hard thing to do since there are people everywhere you go.

Five years later I developed an allergy to smoke (Any kind of smoke, cigarettes, weed, campfire smoke etc.) It has opened my eyes to how serious allergies are. My entire building smokes. I think I’m the only one who doesn’t. They smoke outside, but unfortunately, our doors are all near each other, and every time they have one, it comes in the door.

I know, shut the door, right? My doors are shut. The building is so old the doors don’t shut right, and it still seeps in. It’s not a winning situation. Moving is not an option… affordable places are difficult to find. Anyway, that’s my thoughts for today.


The wild in me


As you search for freedom

Craving its taste

Soaring through the lands


But never finding what you seek

Holding hope

Deep within your soul

Keeping faith

Yet you carry doubt

I dangle from the stars


The answer is in my heart

I wait for you to realize

That together

We’re one

We are stronger together

The wild in me

Loves the wild in you

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist

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