When Life Changes Unexpectedly

Good morning! Happy Friday!

Today’s going to be a good day. I’m determined to make it the best Friday ever. The sun hasn’t risen yet. The moon still lingers in the dark sky. I can’t see it, but around 4:30 AM, it will be in front of my window if it’s not too cloudy.

Life has its own way of getting things done. I won’t pretend to understand, nor am I happy when it doesn’t go my way. However, I go with the flow and do my best. What else can I do?

I live in BC Canada. My family is overseas in a small country called Georgia. We got separated during covid. It’s been over two years since they have been back to Canada. Life keeps getting in the way.

  • Cost of flight
  • Pets
  • Housing
  • Passport issues
  • Health
  • Covid

I’ve been here by myself without them. It’s hard. I’m watching my kid grow up on the other side of the world… without me. My family means the world to me. I feel lost without them. Which doesn’t help my #PTSD. Plus, my emotional support dog for my PTSD is with them. (Not helping me much at this time) So I have decided that at the end of the year if I can raise the money I will go to Georgia. (To stay)

Life is what it is. When life hands you lemons, turn them into limes.


My wolves exist

My dark and light

They walk by my side

Yet they’re far away

We’re together

In my heart

But not in sight

I ache

I cry

Agony tears my soul apart

As I hunt

And run through each night

Searching for a way

To be by their side

A silent scream explodes

Behind my shivering lips

As I realize life has me trapped

I’m in a paper boat

Sinking in the middle of the sea

By myself


Without them by my side

I take a breath

Drowning in the sorrow

My dark has created

I hold my light

High in the sly

Hoping it will guide me as I fall

When I land

I pray it’s somewhere safe

And with a running start

I’ll hunt again

Repeatedly until I find them

For this heart is broken

I will never give up

My wolves howl

I will answer them

Even if it’s with my last breath

Have a beautiful day.

Photo by aytim

9 thoughts on “When Life Changes Unexpectedly

  1. I want to go with you dear Jupiter Rose. I researched the country Georgia.I love the ancient cities. When I was station in Germany in 1976-1980. Most of Europe was communist. We were not allowed to visit. I hope you will.

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      1. I was station in Germany with the Army in 1976-1980 dear Jupiter Rose. I understand your need to go home. I saw 40 countries and 48 states. I ended up 12 miles from my birth in Detroit. Good morning from Michigan.

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      2. I would love to visit BC Canada. I live on the border of Ontario. Canada had the great forest. Maybe someday dear Jupiter Rose. I am retired now and I watch three grandchildren daily. I know. I must attempt traveling again. I dislike airports.

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