A Glimpse Of Light

Good morning! Happy Monday!

I feel much better than I did. I’m sure it was only the twenty-four-hour flu. Today my topic is writing. How I got into it, and what I write.

I have been a poet my entire life but never gave it much thought. I wrote for me. I had books full of it, but over the years they were stolen. I never understood why someone would steal something so personal, but I do now.

Most people who write dream of being a #writer. Growing up I didn’t have time to dream. When I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said #free. People who never experienced abuse or trauma wouldn’t understand that, but in a world of dark, there is nothing that beats a glimpse of light.

My first thought of writing came seven years ago. I didn’t do much with that thought. I used that time to teach myself the things I needed to know. The important stuff that would guide me. Then in 2020, I started to write. Even then, writing wasn’t 100% my dream.

One night I went to bed, and all I dreamt about was writing. In my mind, I saw what it could be and where the words could take me. I woke with that dream on the tip of my tongue, and I haven’t looked back since. I fell in #love with writing that night. That was at the beginning of 2021.

So here I am, writing full-length novels and books of poetry. I am a multi-genre, clean romance writer.


A pen at hand

Tightly wrapped within my fingers

Thoughts draining onto the paper

Not in ink

But by blood

Somedays I write

Yet on others, I am pushed aside

Those days

My monster’s in control

With a coffee by her side, she attacks the paper


Dark words

Wrap themselves around my tongue

Salty and lustful

They taste like melting chocolate

Hitting each taste bud for the first time

It’s like

That morning coffee that hits you

Like a volcano

Exploding in your mind

Striking hard

With the sensation of love



Twisted with chaos

The words bring me to life

I am a writer

I breathe these words

They are my glimpse of light

Have a beautiful day.

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