The Fight

Good morning! Happy Tuesday!

I woke up with PTSD again… I can’t shake it. They say it’s okay to not be okay, but I don’t know how to deal with it anymore. There comes a point when you get tired of fighting. Strength becomes just a word and light is something you’ve forgotten.

I think I might need to head back home early. It’s much easier to deal with it when I’m not alone.


I wake to the moon

I crawl from my bed

I scream as I fall

But I’m alone

I see the dark man watching me

His darkness dancing in the shadows

Haunting my nights

Taunting my days

Singing out my name

Like it’s sweet and lustful

I can feel his reach

His cold touch

Trailing my warm flesh

Against my heart that used to beat

Strangling me

As he wraps his snake-like body around my throat

Stealing the very breath I take

I struggle

I gasp for air

I choke

His dark eyes

Staring into my soul

Burning my desire

Tearing at my thoughts

My dreams

My desires

Lapping up the light

Leaving me in pure darkness

Even the shadows cry at his presence

I hear an echo of what used to be

I want it back

I need it to be real

I yell, but nothing seeps from my broken lips

I am silent, but inside I bleed

As I transition from life to death

Have a beautiful day.

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