The Tale Of The Raven

Good morning! Happy Wednesday!

It’s been two days since I slept. Last night, I had a panic attack for nearly five hours; it still hasn’t stopped. I have an allergy to chemicals. I have been chemical-free for six months, and my anxiety has subsided. I’m now left wondering if they’re related. I have been drinking a new coffee cream with flavour. (chemicals) I need to stop drinking it and see if this goes away.

XOV – Angels Calling (In case you want to check it out.)


In the darkness of the light

He flies between shadows

Sounding his cry

Yelling to the world

That he exists

He is the in-between

The messenger from light and dark

His thoughts are kind

His feathers black

He tells the story

Of what he saw

But nobody listens

He warns them

One by one

He screams

Chanting the horror

His eyes saddened

His heart shaking in fear

Yet closed minds laugh

He flies tree to tree

Waiting for time

For when the darkness falls

Let it be known

You were warned

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist

4 thoughts on “The Tale Of The Raven

  1. This is a perfect picture for your Panic Attack
    Perhaps you should switch to tea
    It is chemical free & less stressful on the heart
    I learnt this at Cardiac Rehab
    Panicking for so long is not good for your heart either Jupiter
    Try to settle, if you can’t be advised by your GP
    Even if it just means taking a low dose of Temazepam
    I have had my bottle of 30 really low dose for 10 months
    I only take when I cannot sleep
    With all the stress I have had during & since my heart attack I am always relieved when I sleep soundly for the night & the calming effect I have the following day helps me tackle every rotten life stuff that keep cropping up in my life
    2023 Will be quite a different life for me
    2021 – 2022 can go to the Devil & I will forget the vile parts of those years in 2024!.

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    1. Jan, I got into the chemicals. Didn’t mean to but I’m not able to have them. This is good in one way. I didn’t know my panic attacks came from the chemicals. Now I will pay better mind around them. 2023 will be a wonderful year. ❤


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