Hunting Freedom

Good morning! Happy Friday!

Things are back to normal today. Which I must say I am very #thankful for. It’s been a rough week, but I survived.

A quote I wrote:

I lay counting the stars One, two, three… four billion and five. There is one for each time I thought of you

Jupiter Rose


When darkness falls

I see the light

I stumble toward it

Falling to my knees

Thankful for the chance

To rise within

I stand

Shifting to my wolf

Sharing the beauty of the day

Allowing her the freedom

Her heart seeks

We run

Pounding the earth with each step

Capturing the sun in our hearts

The wind in our face

Allowing us to soar

Like the birds in the sky

They watch us with envy in their eyes

Life is beautiful

Even on the days

Where the light shines so little

I will always search

For that taste of freedom

For myself

My wolf

And anyone who needs it

I am an open heart

Shining for you

Sharing love

Hunting freedom

Unknown photographer

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