What A Beautiful Day

Good morning! Happy Saturday!

It’s beautiful out. I hope your day is filled with love, happiness, and success.


In this life

I seek light

I curl up in my dark

Wanting to be a kinder soul

To share my heart

With those who need it

To walk a brighter path

And though I dangle beneath the moon

I should dance beneath the sun

In its bright light

I will rise

Seeking freedom

I should walk by the sea

And taste the salty air

Twirling to the beat

As the waves hit the shore

I should take that deep breath

And grasp hope

In my heart

For now, I wait

I should hold on to faith

And climb that tangled rope

To the brightest star that lights our night

But I’m tired

For now, I sleep

I should fly

Through the sky

To the burning fire that ignites our day

Yet today I won’t

I am sitting in the dark

Waiting for my day

Curled up in my shadow

I stay

Have a beautiful day.

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