Without A Goodbye

Good morning! Happy Sunday!

Today is about relaxing. Remembering to laugh, love and live. I lost my friend at the beginning of #covid.

Today’s poem is for her.


One day

You just appeared in my life

We talked throughout the day

Then all night

You made me laugh

We smiled

It just happened

Our souls connected

We became friends

You were my voice of reason

And over time

You became my best friend

Throughout the years

It was you

That got me through the rocky days

Reminding me that life was grand

And it was I that stood by your side

And brought you peace of mind

When life’s troubles brewed inside your head

It was perfect

We were two peas in a pod

Ready to take on the world

We were never alone

We had plans

Life was good

Then one day I woke

With words of your passing

The angels took you

Without warning

I never got to say goodbye

I stood there empty


And confused

It still doesn’t feel real

Nor is it right

I miss you, my friend

You will always be in my heart

Even though you’re out of sight

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist

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