The Fight Is On

Good morning! Happy Monday!

Today is a new day. I always strive to do my best. Do I? No… I’m tired. I fight with my health a lot. However, I woke this morning with the decision to leap into writing with all I have. I want to make it. I want to be known for my books and my poetry. I have dreams that I have painted all over my mind that saturate my thoughts daily.

IDK maybe that’s foolish. So many of us dream the same dream. But why not me? We have it in us, don’t we? Anyone can succeed if they have the will.


Today’s a new day

The sun will shine

I will rise

Here I am

Walking this earth

With power in my mind

Knowing that I can

And I will

Reach my goals

I grip that reality

And race this land

Carrying my dreams

In my heart

Pounding this earth with power and knowledge


Rising to the stars

While reaching for the moon

And as the day passes

I will stand beneath the sun and accept its spotlight

Lifting others

As I trail the light

I will carry my darkness

To keep it from drowning

At night we will climb each star together

To keep us from getting lost in the dark

Will you race this earth with me?

Can we rise to the stars?

Take my hand

And pound this earth

Together we will chase our dreams

Have a beautiful day.

The picture is signed by the artist, but I can’t read it.

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