Lost In The Beauty Of The Sea

Good morning! Happy Tuesday!

Today is going to be a good day. I plan on being productive. ( I usually am) I have to clean my house, but I’m going to write first. It’s easier to clean the house tired than it is to write exhausted.

I wish you all a productive day.

Author VS MC

Me: You need to share the spotlight. Marcus needs some attention.

Gena: I’m the MC. Marcus can wait.

Me: You’re not the only MC. Don’t make me call Marcus.

Gena reaches for her gun but pauses.

Marcus: You called?

Gena: Raises a brow. (drooling) Hi Baby Me: Nuff said



“Have you ever thought
About being a sailor?
You spend your days
Looking out at the sea
You think of the ocean
And you get weak at the knees
You enjoy seafood
And swimming
And being out on a boat
You daydream at the sight
Of the sunset about
Do you like dolphins
And porpoises
And all the sea life?
Can you envision
Sitting by the docks
A coffee in hand
A book or a pen
Close by
Can you see the sunsets?
The orange by the sea
A cold drink at hand
While you watch it shimmer so free
If you can see all of this
You just never know
You may already be a sailor
With an ocean of love”

Out of book 1

Have a beautiful day.

Picture by Suad

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