I Take Back The Day I Let Sorrow Lock Me Up.

Good morning! Happy Thursday!

Today is a lovely day. There has been this bird outside my window for the last couple of weeks. It has an odd song. I really like it though. It’s one that you can’t miss you just know he’s there.

The moon’s bright. I like these nights best. I sit enjoying my #coffee, and I wait for the sun to rise. For some, this might be too early, but for me, it’s the perfect time of day. It’s calm, which makes it much easier to wake up.

I’m on this #journey of self-discovery, and I plan to make the best of it. Sometimes we need to open our eyes and realize that just because you are a pro at living doesn’t mean you are living right.

My first thought about this journey is:

No matter what life throws at me, I’m still standing. I have survived everything it has put in my way. I am strong and I can do it again if need be. I think that is why I refer to myself as a wolf. I have roamed this earth doing nothing but surviving. Now it’s time to live.


I’ve lived through pain

And tasted sorrow

At its darkest time

I’ve hung from the moon

Feeling my last breath leave

Like a tree waving in the wind

Leaves falling to the ground

Like my soul thundering throughout time

Falling into Hell

I have felt my heart ripped from my chest

Only to have it handed back

Torn and broken

But now I scream

No more

I won’t take it

I will climb that moon and take back my breath

And own my pain

I will carry my sorrow

And heal it with love

For no one but me knows its darkness

I will light that dark

So it never feels alone

My wolf will roam free

For it’s been trapped way too long

It’s time for it to run

And pound this earth

Like a mighty beast

My broken heart will heal

The tears will fade in time

For I am a warrior

Who will not only rise

But I will soar

I won’t go down in flames

Have a beautiful day.

Photo by amenic181

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