On The Edge Of Butterfly Wings

Good morning! Happy Friday!

Today is a lovely day.

In less than two months I’m going overseas. I can’t wait until I get to spend my time with my family. I’ll still be on every day but just happier.

Where are you from?

I’ll be in the country of Georgia.


As the daylight breaks

I will soar through the sky

Shining in the light

Of the bright sun

While drifting on the wings of a butterfly

I am free

Like a bird

I soar

Finally, I see

The truth

As it unfolds


Twirling in the sky

Like a ballerina

Dancing in the light

But now

I wait for the night

As the moon will rise

Just to be with me

I will dance beneath it


My soul clinging, to its very existence

I will call my wolf

One howl at a time

Come, my love

Dance with me

We are one

For he will be running beneath the stars

And when he can no longer run

I will carry him

And with my wings, we will soar

Have a beautiful day.

 Légèreté, Original peinture aquarelle photo papillon, aquarelle, Art onirique on Etsy

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