The Music In My Heart

Good morning! Happy Saturday!

Today is going to be a great day, other than not being with my family… which won’t last long I’m going home in November.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I have nothing else to do but think here. I’ve lived in BC off and on throughout my whole life, in total I’d say 14 years. For me that’s a long time. I’ve traveled my entire life.

I grew up in Air Force brat, and continued to travel after that, it’s all I knew. I lived in Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Germany, but I’ve traveled everywhere in between. I was in Germany for two years and during that time, I went all over Europe.

  • France
  • Belgium
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Luxemburg
  • Holland
  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland

I moved to the country of Georgia in 2019. It was supposed to be for a short time, but when covid hit, it ended up being a little bit longer. I made it home to Canada, but my family didn’t. So, I’ve been over here, and my family’s been there.

One thing I noticed about Georgia is the way they live, they’re like a mini-America in some ways, but it’s a very poor country. They have nearly everything available that you could need, but the people don’t make a lot of money.

They have outdoor markets. The smaller one is for the farmers that are poor, then there’s a bigger one for more experienced farmers, and a fish market down by the sea.

Their money is called Gel or Lar, it is worth double Canadian and triple American. Nothing is overly expensive there, rent you’ll pay anywhere from 800 – 1600 Lar for an apartment, but you must go through the locals for that. If you cannot bargain you will pay 2500 US dollars. Taxi cabs are cheap, it would cost you 5 to 10 Lar to go across the city of 500,000 people.

There’s a train that goes across Georgia. It’s not expensive but it’s old, it’s nothing like the American trains.

This country used to be part of Russia and they do pretty good on their own, but the import a lot of food from Turkey. Now the food is good, but the Turkish farmers use chemicals on their vegetables that they grow, and it caused me allergies. My entire family has gotten allergies from it. However, the food over is fresh. There’s even some hybrid vegetables, like lime tomatoes, squash zucchinis, and they taste really good.

Any way this girl needs to go write. Her pen is calling. XOXOX


There’s a song in my soul

Its rhythm

Matches the beating of my heart

I will always stay with me

It plays during the day

Carrying me through harsh storms

It paints a smile upon my face

When times are dark

I can hear it

When I am drowning

In the vast blue sea

Sinking lower than I have ever been

Yet I hear that tune

And I wake

It helps me fight

The struggle seems easier

It lights the darkness

Giving me a path to follow

That song is of you

It began the day you touched my heart

Have a beautiful day.

I can’t quite read the name but the artists name is on the picture.

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