Two Together Equals One

Good morning!

I wanted to make sure I put out my daily poem.


I am

I will

I can

Find the non existent

I open my eyes

And without hesitation

I dart toward the dark path

A loud cry

Echoes in my ears

No one else is there

The echo is from soul

It’s falling

My grip slips

I fall into the pits of Hell

My heart

My soul

My destiny

Held by darkness

In the purgatory of my mind

I sing to the moon

It seeps from my lips like a howl

My wolf laughs for he is in control

My heart he guards

My soul he sleeps upon

I run the paths of the darkest night

Searching for love

Hiding from my pain

I see both

Running together

Hand in hand

Challenging life

For love and pain are one

Life is dark and light

And to exist in both

You must walk through the shadows

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist

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