When something makes you feel this good… you just do it no matter what.

Good morning! Happy Tuesday!

Today I’m posting an interview from yesterday.

Author To Author Interview

With Jupiter Rose

 Orville: How long have you been writing?

Jupiter: I started writing about 6 years ago, but it was just a hobby, and I didn’t put much thought into it. I started writing as a career in 2021.

Orville: So much incredible progress in one-year. What got you interested in writing?

Jupiter: I discovered how it made me feel. Writing makes me feel alive.

Orville: Can you elaborate on what you mean by feel-alive?

Jupiter: Writing to me is like breathing. It’s something I must do. It helps me work through my PTSD and anxiety and lights my skies, so my life isn’t so dark. It opens my mind and allows me to see the colours in everything instead of the grey the world sits upon.

Orville: That is wonderful. I’m glad it helps so much. How many books do you have published?

Jupiter: I have 4 fiction books and 3 books of poetry published.

Orville: I’ve read and reviewed all of your novels, and two of the poetry. I love how you paint a story. Are your books self-published or traditionally published?

Jupiter: Self-published

Orville: I’m self-published as well, seems a lot of authors take that path. Where can the reader find your books?

Jupiter:  Amazon, chapters online, Barnes and Noble online. (They can be ordered at your local book stores) http://amazon.com/~/e/B08W8HZT5S

Orville: Self-published wide is a great idea. Do you consider yourself a plotter or pantser?

Jupiter: I am a bit of both. When I get bored I plot. However, I write whatever comes to mind. I can plot a story out, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to turn out that way. I take notes. I believe in making sure all ticks and scars are taken care of.

Orville: I tried plotting, it doesn’t work for me. What do you think makes your writing unique?

Jupiter: I have a poetic style to my writing. I love to write about the light and the dark side of everything in life while twisting my words to make you see the point of view in both.

Orville: That comes across strong in your books. What are your hobbies outside of writing?

Jupiter: Music, movies, digital art, walking my dog, white water rafting, road trips, reading, photography, travelling, cooking and baking.

Orville: That is impressive and you still find time to write. Who was the greatest influence in your writing career?

Jupiter: My family has been my greatest influence.

Orville: I hear that a lot with authors. Do you have a favourite quote?

Jupiter: Yes, a couple.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

― Dr. Seuss

“A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none.”

― Marilyn Monroe

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I’m out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best.”

― Marilyn Monroe

Orville: I love the Marilyn Monroe quotes. Tell me about your current work.

Jupiter: Right now I’m working on these books.

(1)    Genavine’s Hell, a paranormal romance, dystopian, and drama. It is the follow up Book to Genavine’s Faith

(2)    My Heart For You, is a romance, and suspense (Book 1)

(3)    Shut Your Eyes, is a romantic suspense (Book 2- Crash Falls)

(4)    The Twenty Four, is a science fiction, dystopian, and aliens (Second book in  Teravaza series)

(5)    Deep Within Her Mind, is a fantasy, paranormal, romance, and adventure  (Book 2- Wind Walkers series)

(6)    Terror in the Shadows, is an occult, detective, mystery, and suspense  (Book 1 in a new series)

(7)    Death In His Eyes, is a horror, and thriller (Book 1 in a new series)

Orville: What genre would you say you write?

Jupiter: I write clean romance in multiple genres. Suspense, dystopian, paranormal, science fiction, mystery, occult, fantasy, and drama.

Orville: What are your published book titles?

Jupiter: Novels

Rain of the Wolves

Tears of a Cowgirl

The Missing Pieces of Teravaza

Genavine’s Faith

Poetry books

Poetry Frozen Within The Battle Of A Mind

When Darkness Shadows The Light

The Monster In Me

Orville: All excellent. And everything is on Kindle Unlimited?

Jupiter: Yes, all my work is available Kindle Unlimited

Orville: When will your next book be available?

Jupiter: I am working on multiple. My next set of releases will be in a few months.

Orville: Last question. Who is your target audience?

Jupiter: I think my books are for anyone who enjoys clean romance. If there are triggers, I say so beneath the blurb. There’s some swearing, but the romance is clean.

Interview done by Orville Burch






I don’t like to review a book and give away too many details. The author did a wonderful job with suspense and mystery. You will want to enjoy that for yourself.

This book is about so many things and you will take away more than it is a love story, or a story about domestic abuse.

For me, this is a story about kindness and how simple acts can change a person’s life. It is also about bonds of relationships and understanding that there is more to being friends than making the claim.

If you like a well-spun story to read in your comfortable chair or bed. This is it.

If you seek inspiration and hope. This is it.

If you want a story, that will keep you reading, waiting for the next twist and turn. This is it.

I believe you will love this book and close the cover wishing you personally knew the cast of characters so you could pack your bags for a trip to Crash Falls.

By Orville Burch https://www.tumblr.com/paranormalrealism/697123274026532864/author-to-author-interview-with-jupiter-rose

Have a beautiful day. ❤

3 thoughts on “When something makes you feel this good… you just do it no matter what.

  1. I am finally added a chapter to a old story. I wrote 8 chapter in 2018. Good to be retired. Hello dear Jupiter Rose and I will wander to the Barnes and Noble. Order another book. I hope you are doing well and having some fun.

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